Sjótækni´s new ship arrives in its home port in Tálknafjörður

Assa sailing in Tálknafjörður
Assa sailing in Tálknafjörður
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In recent months, work has been done to fix up a ship owned by Sjótækni ehf. in Tálknafjörður as a comprehensive work and dredging vessel. The ship is named Assa BA and was previously owned by Olíudreifing hf and was at that time named Laugarnes.


Assa arrived at its home port in Tálknafjörður on Saturday 05.09.2020 after stopping in Reykjavík Harbour to pick up a fibre optic cable that is to be laid in Berufjörður in the East Fjords. Assa is 41.28 m long and 371 gross tons in size. It was built in 1978 and was used in oil transportation to Greenland before it was bought in Iceland for oil transportation here.


Assa is the largest ship registered in Tálknafjörður. Together with Assa, Sjótækni ehf. operates four other boats that are used in services to fish farming companies and for submarine cables, as well as other projects that Sjótækni undertakes. Kjartan J. Hauksson, CEO and one of the owners of Sjótækni, was pleased to have the ship in its home port ready for projects.


The intention is to use Assa in various projects for Sjótækni, such as laying submarine cables, dredging projects and other projects that may arise.