About Sjótækni ehf.

Sjótækni ehf. services aquaculture and submarine cables and runs its own diving service, harbour repair and survey department. The company was founded in May 2014. Sjótækni ehf. operates mostly in the Westfjords, but is currently expanding its service all over Iceland. We carry out laundering at sea and installation, maintenance and inspection of marine equipment. Our employees are able to do most jobs in the fish farming sector. The company also lays submarine cables throughout the country as well as working on diving projects all over the country. New experienced team members made it possible to expand our fields of work with the newly established harbour repair and survey department, operating countrywide.

The company operates boats, submarines and cars as required, and its main customers are aquaculture companies, government agencies, municipalities and companies connected with submarine cables. Our headquarters are in Talknafjörður, in the beautiful Westfjords of Iceland.


Part of our team in Tálknafjörður


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Kjartan J Hauksson | Phone +354 8930583
Email kjartan at sjotaekni.is


Project- & service manager

Guðbjartur Ásgeirsson | Phone +354 6622699
Email gudbjartur at sjotaekni.is



Gunnar Skúlason | Phone +354 6608842
Email gunnar at sjotaekni.is


R.D. Manager

Albert Marzelíus Högnason | Phone +354 8976793
Email addi at sjotaekni.is


Fleet Manager

Marteinn Þór Ásgeirsson | Phone +354 8662556
Email marteinn at sjotaekni.is



Ómar Hafliðason | Phone +354 7688887
Email omar at sjotaekni.is


Sjótækni ehf. | Kt 600802-3210 | Hafnarhúsi | 460 Tálknafirði

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