Environmental Policy of Fiskeldisþjónustan ehf.

Sjótækni ehf. emphasize great importance on working in harmony with the environment  and nature, leading by example and making a good contribution to the country's natural environment. Our goal is to reduce the company's environmental footprint and encourage our employees and partners to maintain and reform the inheritance that future generations recieve in the form of the country's nature. Sjótækni ehf. is a marine contractor that serves fish farms, as well as provide service for marine and coastal communities. We also take on other projects for smaller buyers.


This our policy

  • To minimize the environmental impact of our operations, make good use of resources, reduce fuel consumption and minimize waste.
  • To comply with laws and regulations and go further in this regard.
  • Promoting environmental awareness, continuous development, so that knowledge and experience in good contact with nature reflects all our processes as well as working methods in present-day future.
  • That workers and subcontractors are trained and encouraged to perform all work with respect to environmental protection and in line with environmental policy and environmental management.
  • To strive to ensure that purchased services, materials and products have the least environmental impact.

We set our environmental goals and monitor our success. We are working on the adopting the ISO 14001 environmental standard and plan to get a valid certification in February 2018.


Instructions for contractors and service providers

The purpose of these guidelines is to point out the policy and practice of Sjótækni ehf. in the environment. Sjótækni ehf. has implemented environmental management in its operations and focuses on minimizing environmental impact in the company's operations.