Sjótækni ehf. meets international certifications

We at Sjótækni ehf. in Tálknafjörður are extremely proud to have passed the safety system certification according to international standard ISO 45001 and renewal of the environmental standard ISO 14001. The certification body DNV-GL in Norway has taken over Sjótækni's operations and has confirmed that the company operates according to safety standard ISO 45001 and environmental standard ISO 14001 Sjótækni is probably the first shipping and contracting company in the country to receive both of these certifications for its operations. This confirmation is very important to the company and is also a guarantee to our customers that we are doing our job as best we can.


Sjótækni is an offshore contractor that performs installation, supervision, maintenance and service of various structures in sea and water for companies, institutions and municipalities as well as operating powerful diving services. Construction is related to, among other things, subsea pipelines, structures in sea and water, aquaculture, shipping services, power plants and heavy industry. The company manufactures boats, work ships, barges and car fleet and a lot of specialized equipment such as submarines and measuring equipment of the most advanced type.


The company's main office is in Tálknafjörður and Sjótækni has 15 employees.