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Guðbjartur teaches Ola, Alexander and Nökkvi to knit knots
Guðbjartur teaches Ola, Alexander and Nökkvi to knit knots
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Tálknafjarðarskóli has offered students in their teens an internship during the spring semester in collaboration with companies in Tálknafjörður. The purpose of the project is to introduce students to the industries that operate in Tálknafjörður and what education is useful in working in those industries. In this way, students can better understand whether they are interested in these jobs in the future. Sjótækni participates in this project at Tálknafjarðarskóli. The past Wednesdays Patrekur, Arnór and Einar Össur were with us and now Nökkvi, Alexander and Ola decided to join us.


Patrekur, Arnór and Einar Össur got to know the equipment and tools in our house and watched as the pumping station was being lifted out of Fálki BA and taken into the house to be inspected before the summer season. In addition, our barge was being hoisted onto a dock where its use was completed. The second Wednesday they got to go on board on Haukur BA and try out our cleaning robot and take a look at everything that our boat has to offer.


Nökkvi, Alexander and Ola came to us on Wednesday 11.03.2020 and when they had gotten to know the indoor activities of Sjótækni, they tried out the diving cabin and more, Guðbjartur and Marteinn took them to a lesson on knots and splicing. Knowing pelastik and other knots is necessary for every fisherman, and no less important for knitting ropes and strings. The vocational training went well for the kids and they are promising in knots and splicing.


Due to the risk of virus transmission, internships have been postponed indefinitely, so no more people will come to us at Sjótækni while this situation lasts, but hopefully it will be possible to pick up the thread again in the spring and we will have more kids visit us. We at Sjótækni thank the kids who have come to us for a good acquaintance and hope that they have benefited and enjoyed it.